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I am Loren Stone, CEO for the advancement of education, workforce development and business opportunities in technology and autonomy.

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“As it was pointed out to me by a valued peer in regards to the “About Loren Stone” or “Bio” section it is a necessary evil to talk about yourself here. I personally prefer to practice more humility than taking this opportunity to appear otherwise, but here are the general facts.”

In learning about Loren Stone, he grew up in Columbus, Ohio. He used his middle name, Chris, until after college when he chose to honor the tradition as the third “Loren” within the family.

This alternating dual name use has certainly created challenges over the years, but he manages it accordingly. He considers his second home Breckenridge, Colorado for over 20 years and the beauty and lifestyle of the mountains continue to be part of his inspiration.

Loren has global experience as an executive from sales, marketing and branding to operations, management and business development. He has demonstrated a track record of success in surpassing competitors, increasing market share, and driving profit margins.

A professional within many industry segments; technology, education, logistics, hospitality, spa and wellness.. He is an accomplished speaker on the International stage, volunteer, photographer and avid outdoor enthusiast.

A visionary leader that merges hands-on leadership with excellent communication skills to continually motivate focused teams. He is known for providing a stabilizing influence, while remaining resourceful and innovative. Loren embraces new challenges and employs problem-solving skills, while adapting to new cultures.


global business


About Loren Chris Stone

Loren Stone with his Central America team.

Loren Stone has been fortunate to travel, live, and perform business on six continents and in multiple countries for extended periods of time. All the while refining his skills of communication in a global economy, forging relationships, expanding markets and building relationships

He has experience in North America (The United States of America, Mexico, Canada), Central America (Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama), Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Greece), South America (Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru), Africa (Morocco), Asia (India , Russia, China, Japan), and the Australian marketplace.




Speaker About Loren Chris Stone

Loren Stone International Speaker


Loren can speak on varying topics from entrepreneurship, motivation, leadership,  management to resort development, marketing, sales and social media to name a few.









Loren Chris Stone has a deep rooted entrepreneurial

About Loren Chris Stone

Loren Chris Stone, a young entrepreneur since the age of twelve.

spirit that has thrived throughout his personal and professional life. It all started with a set of business cards at 12-years of age. He was determined to develop a business with his favorite cartoon character in place, “Garfield”.

Loren has taken that spirit with him in life and developing it within the culture of organizations.




Loren Stone has leadership experience serving currently as an elected City Commissioner, Columbus, Ohio. Past appointments include; Regional Chamber of Commerce president, board and committee positions.

The time he volunteered with Lake Dillon Fire Rescue as a Firefighter, EMT and Engineer for many years was most rewarding. He is a firm believer in giving back to his community.




An active athlete that enjoys challenging himself on skis, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and endurance races.  Loren did drink the cool-aid at a young age and remains an avid Ohio State Buckeye fan. You can find him seeking out fellow fans in any country.

The exposure to the diversity in the world opened up experiences and enlightenment. He actively enjoys learning about cultures around the globe, while capturing his travels through photography and video.


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ENTHUSIAST An outdoor enthusiast that enjoys staying active. Whether it is on skis, mountain biking, whitewater rafting to endurance races. As a devout college football, Ohio State Buckeye, fan you can find him seeking out fellow supporters in any country when traveling globally. The exposure to the diversity in the world opened up experiences and brought personal and professional enlightenment. Loren Stone actively enjoys immersing himself deep into cultures around the globe, all the while enjoying capturing travels through photography.

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